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Bio Normalizer in Japan!

Hello, everyone! This is Saeko Komai. I am an advisor for Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme, known as Bio Normalizer. 

Bio Normalizer, also known as Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme in Japan.

I went back to Japan in March and April 2022 and I participated in an event called からだケアEXPO 東京'22, Physical care EXPO Tokyo 22. I met some wonderful people working for Bio Normalizer and some great customers who absolutely love Bio Normalizer, so I would like to share a bit of my experience of being in Tokyo with you.

Dr. Masayuki Sano and Dr Nakaminami are at the exhibition for Bio Normalizer, also known as Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme in Japan.

It was at a three day event (09 -11 March 2022) but I was only able to join the event for two days. The location was at the Tokyo Big Sight which is a huge exhibition site. There were so many companies offering not only food supplements, but also goods and devices for beauty, sleep and exercise. Our team included the CEO of Bio Normalizer, Kenji Maeda, Tomomi who is a culinary researcher specializing in green papayas, Chiropractic Dr Shigeyuki Nakaminami and myself. Dr Nakaminami has been using Bio Normalizer on his patients for over 10 years. 

Dr. Masayuki Sano's fasting program with Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

Dr Masayuki Sano, MD,Gastroenterologist who is a medical consultant for Bio Normalizer joined the event on the first day. Dr Sano created a 7 day fasting programme with Bio Normalizer and Umeboshi (pickled plum) Soy source and vegetable soup for people who would like to support gut and overall good health. 

In Japan, we have words called 腸活 (cho-katsu). 腸(cho) means intestines and 活(kastu) means activity and support, so Cho-katsu is supporting gut health. It has been very popular with all generations of people from young to old in Japan. It has been particularly popular during the Covid period as Japanese people know how important it is to look after your gut to help our immune system. We also know that fermented food is great for gut health. Personally speaking, fermented food has an unchallenged position amongst health foods in Japan which the UK does not have. I hope that people in the UK realise how healthy fermented food is.

We met many new customers throughout the event. It was interesting how quickly people can feel a difference after taking Bio Normalizer. We were handing out small samples to people who are interested in Bio Normalizer. I do remember one business man who showed an interest in Bio Normalizer. I explained how he should take Bio Normalizer and what it would be good for. He took three sachets at bed time on the same day and visited me again the next day, he told me that he had slept better and he would like to buy some BN for his daughter. We had other customers who came back to us the next day. One of our customers purchased 15 boxes of BN the next day.

Saeko Komai and Dr Nakaminami are at the exhibition for Bio Normalizer, known as Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme in Japan.

I also remember one gentleman who was well spoken and polite. The first thing he said to me was that I know that your product is the original, isn't it? yes, it is, I said of course. I met other people who knew that Bio Normalizer is the original product but I also met people who did not know that. Bio Normalizer is the first fermented green papaya product in the world that was invented by Dr Osato in 1969. When you check the company's history, you will find out. Nobody can beat 1969! Bio Normalizer is the only one that has over 130 academic papers. 

Furthermore, it was a lovely surprise that Dr Takahisa Ogawa, MD, Orthopaedic surgeon who treats Osteomyelitis visited us and showed a great interest in Bio Normalizer. I hope that Bio Normalizer can support more people who need orthopaedic care.

Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme is available at Isetan, a department store in Tokyo, Japan.

I thought that Tokyo is a much larger city than London. I felt the stronger economy in Tokyo even just visiting various shops. (Probably because I am from a rural area..!) I visited Isetan, one of the most prestigious and reputable department stores that has 136 years of history in Tokyo. Bio Normalizer has been available at Isetan for many years.

Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme, also known as Bio Normalizer is available at Isetan, a department store in Tokyo, Japan.

One of the things I wanted to see was whether I could find Bio Normalizer in Isetan in Tokyo. At the underground of Isetan, the whole floor was beautifully displayed with health and beauty items. I found Bio Normalizer there. It was great to see Bio Normalizer with other very good quality food supplements.


Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme is available at organic supplement store in Tokyo, Japan.

Another shop I really wanted to visit in Tokyo was Biople. Biople has 26 stores in Japan. They focus on organic products, sustainability and considering global environmental issues. It is like a boutique shop for health and eco conscious people. Bio Normalizer is the top selling enzyme in Biople and it is again wonderful to see Bio Normalizer with products that were carefully and strictly selected to meet their standards.

It was great to meet new people and share times with Bio Normalizer lovers in Tokyo.

We hope that Bio Normalizer makes your gut and life happier than ever!

- Written by Saeko Komai on 13th May 2022