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Nourish Your Gut for a Positive Menopause by Trish Tucker May

Trish Tucker May, a practitioner of Bio Normalizer (Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme), has authored a fantastic book titled "Nourish Your Gut for a Positive Menopause." The book explores the links between gut health, diet, lifestyle, and menopause.

Trish is a Registered Nutrition Gut Health Specialist with extensive knowledge and experience in addressing gut health issues.

We interviewed Trish about her book, gut health tips and adopting a healthier diet during the challenging phase of menopause.

- How did your own health transformation lead you to study gut health and hormones?

For 32 years, I was wheezy, sneezy, and asthmatic. At 14, I was told I was hyperallergic and would be on medication for the rest of my life. At the age of 32, I peaked at 12 anaphylactic episodes in one year – that was 12 rides in an ambulance or overnight hospital stays. My body was shouting. I intuitively found my way to a nutritionist who transformed my health. Working with her for a period of eight weeks, she diagnosed me with candida, Lyme's disease, Leaky gut, and parasites. Prior to this, I would never have put my respiratory challenges down to compromised gut health. Now, I truly understand that all disease starts in the gut. I completely changed my career in financial services and began studying functional nutrition, the microbiome, and how to get the body working optimally.

- How does the book help women improve their vitality during menopause through diet and gut health?

The last thing women going through perimenopause want is a book filled with too much information and a lot of jargon. They'll feel overwhelmed and continue to be stuck. This book really is a step-by-step guide on how to make, implement, and sustain the changes I recommend. The book will become your bible. I've also created a free online community group so women can feel supported and get access to more advice from me.

- What kinds of recipes are included in the book, and how do they promote better gut health and hormonal balance?

Every recipe in the book has been created to support a healthy gut and balance your hormones, so you can be sure that whatever recipe you make, you're on the right track. The book covers juicing, smoothies, soups, salads, healthy snacks, dressings, and dips.

- What practical elements, like case studies and chakra healing, are in the book, and how can readers use them to enhance their well-being during menopause?

I've enjoyed sharing case studies in the book because the reader can hear from women who were once challenged in their menopausal journey and see the transformation they went through. It gives the readers hope and excitement for what is possible for them.

Chapter 6 is dedicated to understanding chakras, which are the body's healing center. I walk you through understanding why this area of healing is so powerful and then what small steps you can take to achieve the benefits.

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Let's make your gut healthier! :-)