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Yasue's recipe🍃Gut healthy basil pasta sauce with a bit of Japanese taste

This recipe can easily make a delicious plant-based Italian-style basil pasta sauce made at home. Miso and nutritional yeast used instead of Parmigiano-Reggiano. It tastes just like cheese! And also, by adding a small amount of Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme into this sauce to combine miso and nutritional yeast , this can make a healthier meal that helps promote your gut health as a result of the synergies between the elements used in the recipe.



2 servings

15-20 minutes by hand

5-10 minutes by blender

• 20 g Basil leaves
• 20 g EV olive oil
• 15 g Pine nuts
• 1 tbsp Nutritional yeast
• 1 tsp Miso 
• 1 Garlic clove (about 2 g with the core removed)
• 1 g Sea salt
• 1 g Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme



1. Remove basil leaves from stems then wash. Drain and blot up the remaining water with a kitchen towel.

2. Peel the garlic and cut off the root. Cut it in half then remove the core. Put it into a mortar and crush with a pestle. Add the pine nuts, crush and make a paste.

3. Add basil leaves and sea salt. Mash with the pestle to beat, then grind by rotating the pestle. Repeat this action to make a paste.

When the basil leaves are crushed and blended, add the miso and nutritional yeast, then stir until a smooth texture is reached.

4. Add the EV olive oil and Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme. Stir with the pestle to make a smooth sauce. Occasionally use a spoon to mix the ingredients stuck to the sides to help with the process.

Toss the freshly made sauce with cooked pasta and enjoy!



about Ingredients🌟

• For the miso, rice miso was used this time. Using white miso gives the sauce a similar colour as to cheese.
• Option to double or triple this recipe.

about Method🌟

• To make this sauce with a blender, combine all the ingredients and stir until a smooth texture is reached!
• The sauce has a thick texture, if it difficult to toss with the pasta, adjust with olive oil little by little.

Yasué Matsuda

Gluten-free × Macrobiotic recipe creator.
Macrobiotic instructor.
Living in the UK
My key cooking theme is 'Kenohi's Kitchen'. This means 'Everyday cooking makes you'.
Found out to have delayed gluten allergy in 2017 I started gluten-free arrangement cooking with plant-based food after overcoming Leaky Gut Syndrome through a medical diet. Completed Macrobiotic Cooking School LIMA Master Course, which was first established in Japan. Also completed the course PLANT-BASED NUTRITION at the University of Winchester. Pursuing healthy but delicious cooking with my foodie passion!
Website: (Japanese only/ English version is coming up.)
-Published on 4th October 2022