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Chocolate cyst x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

  • Why did you take Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme?

Few years ago, I was diagnosed with cyst in my ovary, that time it was a already chocolate cyst & was already big and might explode so they had to remove it & I had a surgery. After that, I had to maintain check ups and found out that it was re-occurring, since I don’t want to be operated anymore I was practicing a healthy lifestyle/diet and reading lots and finding ways how to cure it and making my cyst shrink, till one day though my research I found this doctor which uses Bio Normalizer and suggested To take it and maintain using it, from that day onwards I have been using Bio Normalizer.

  • How did you take it?

I am taking it twice a day, first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach and before going to bed

  • What benefits did you feel as a result of taking Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme?

I start taking it for 6 months, after that I was going for my regular check-ups & ultrasound, after months of taking it I found out that the cyst was gone! It’s like a miracle,  Bio Normalizer is effective and cures, work wonders as it happened to me.

Till now I am maintaining to use it!

  • Who would you like to recommend Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme to?

Highly recommend to everyone who has certain illness as this can be a great help in curing sickness and adding benefits for good health.

- Iris Trinidad (Mar 2022)