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Continual infections in his mouth in and around the area he had cancer and radiotherapy x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

We received a review from Lucy Peel  who is a Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist. Lucy recommended Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme, Bio Normalizer to one of her clients.

"A gentleman in his 70s has come to me with continual infections in his mouth in and around the area he had cancer and radiotherapy.  The areas become sore and discoloured first and then infected. It is his top jaw and gums and the tissue becomes so inflamed and red that there are extra layers of tissue, noted by his dentist. The radiotherapy has meant that he is no longer producing saliva, it has dried his mouth out to the point that he can’t have too long a conversation. He has also lost his sense of taste.  

He was prescribed tetracyclines at 200mg a day for 1 month and additionally to this I added in a liposomal vitamin C, plus a combination of vitamin A and D as a chewable lozenge and the BioNormalizer powder.

He wanted me to give you the feedback that he found taking the powder very calming and soothing for the inflammation and ulceration.  He noticed that in 5 days it changed the colour of the flesh in the area.  He has taken to putting the powder in his mouth under his tongue and holding it there for a long time as he has found it is stimulating the production of saliva!  How amazing is this?  I am so pleased for him.

As a little feedback on the tablets, this was too much as the condition of his teeth and mouth and taking in the hard tablets was just not for him.  He is going to stick to the powder and holding under his tongue before swilling around his mouth like a mouth wash over the areas affected as he finds this to work for him the best.

I am so pleased for him, thank you for coming along and introducing me to BioNormalizer at exactly the right time to help this client! "

- Lucy Peel (November 2021)