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Immune Health x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

2 years and 3 months ago, my mother who was at the time, 92 years old was told that she had only two weeks left to live. Her heart and kidney functions had deteriorated so badly and she was not able to eat. However, she amazingly recovered from this dire situation by taking Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme (Bio Normalizer) and receiving our love and care.

It was the first time that my mother had  taken Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme, so I mixed Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme with just a little tea and fed her with little sips of the mix of tea and Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme. I was amazed to see my mother getting better day by day. Within three weeks, she was sitting up  in her bed.

I had heard about Bio Normalizer from my aunt 10 years ago but I did not believe the health benefits that Bio Normalizer could bring.

However, we were so desperate to do something for my mother, that we decided to try Bio Normalizer.

Now I love taking Fermented Green papaya Enzyme for myself.

I do not have any illnesses which I have to see a doctor about but I do suffer from allergic asthma. I cannot think about not taking Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme even more so, during the current Covid 19 pandemic. I have been taking Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme for 1 year and 10 months so far and I have not had any colds or flus, possibly because of that, my asthma has not returned

I am turning 66 years old this year. My friends have some health issues and they go to hospitals on a regular basis. They also take many medications for their conditions.

I prefer just to take Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme rather than other medications, as Fermented Green papaya Enzyme does not have any side effects.

I normally take 1 sachet when I go to bed. Sometimes, when I feel tired, I take 2-3 sachets.

I do not know much about the benefits of using Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme in details, but I feel that my immune system has got stronger.

I recommend Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme to my son, who lives in a  large city. During this Covid 19 pandemic, I believe that strengthening our immune health is the most important thing to protect our body.

- H.N. (Feb 2021)