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Detox & Immune Health x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

I had a booster (3rd vaccine) on 10th December. I had a fever of 37.8 after my booster and the temperature turned normal on 12th December.


However, I felt fatigue so I took three sachets of Bio Normalizer at bed time on 13th December and closed my eyes soon after taking Bio Normalizer. I sweat a lot in my sleep for the first three hours. I felt like that my body was detoxifying. (^^) Around my neck was covered in sweat and I felt flushed on my legs and feet. I think that Bio Normalizer really worked in my body for the three hours. 💖 After that, I drank hydration drink and went back to sleep. I slept so well and felt so refreshed in the morning. My body condition has gone back to normal since. (^^)


I just wonder if Bio Normalizer boosted my immune system and helped to remove toxins from the vaccine????


I do not take Bio Normalizer regularly but I eat a higher dose when I feel under the weather. As a result of my experience, I now always try and have Bio Normalizer at home and available to help me and my family. It makes me feel safe.💖


今月(12月)10日にブースターを打ったのですが、37,8度の熱が出ましたが12日には平熱に戻りました。が、だるさが残り 13日の夜にバイオノーマライザーを3袋服用して寝たら 3時間程 寝汗をかいたんです、とにかく凄い寝汗だったんです。


BNを食べて 直ぐにベッドにはいり、それからの約3時間くらいが 寝が入りうちながら 首回りが 汗ダクダクで 足も火照ってました。


ポカリスエットを飲んで また床につきグッスリでした。



バイオノーマライザーが 免疫をあげ ワクチンの残骸を全て消し去ったのでしょうか⁇⁇


定期的に食べる事はしてませんが 体調に合わせて、ガツンと頂いてます。



-K.M. (Dec 2021)