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Immune Health & Gut Health x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

I've looking for a good supplement which is naturally sourced. Since the outbreak of covid19, I've been more interested in enhancing immune system and gut health.

I've tried a couple of supplements but I have failed to keep taking as it tasted horrible or tablet was too big to swallow etc. I found fermented green papaya enzyme while browsing on the internet and it really caught me that more than 130 academic papers have been published, based on clinical research over the last 50 years. Normally I'm skeptical and choose only well known brand distributed widely in the market but I was convinced this would be trustworthy as it is rare to find a food supplement which has been scientifically backed up for years.

As instructed, I took 2 sachets per day before bed time and I avoided drinking any fluid including water 30 mins before and after taking. The taste was mildly sweet and pleasant to eat so I never failed to take. I didn't notice much difference for the first few days but later I realised that I didn't have any hungover next morning after drinking much the night before. Also I noticed that I got regular bowel movements even though I had used to get constipated. I would like to keep taking to maintain my good health and recommend to my husband who has diabetics and IBS. As the taste was like a sugar I thought it's safe and even beneficial according to the past study. Of course, it's essential to have a balanced diet and light exercise as well but this supplement is the best and great addition so far.

- K.H. (Mar 2021)