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Lupus (Systemic lupus erythematosus; SLE) x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

It has been 3 years since I was diagnosed with Lupus (Systemic lupus erythematosus: SLE) 
I normally take steroids, my main symptoms had been suppressed by taking steroids, however I still had muscle and joint pains, swollen extremities and rashes all the time.
Due to the conditions, I was not able to work satisfactorily, I have tried many different supplements but they did not work for my conditions, so I felt lost.
Then I found Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme, I started taking it to improve my conditions.
On day 1, I took 2 sachets (6g) at bed time. The taste was mildly sweet with gentle a papaya taste.
It is granules, so it was easy to eat. Next morning, I had a severe fatigue and headache which I did not expect. Initially, I had to spend some time during the day on a sofa, this lasted for 2-3 days and to be very honest, I thought about  stopping taking it.
However, I felt that my body was strongly responding to Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme,  so if I took a smaller amount of the enzyme, it might be ok. I then started taking 1/6 sachet (0.5g). I was then able to live without suffering severe fatigue. After that, I have been trying slowly to increase the amount of the enzyme to improve my conditions but every time I increased too much for my body, the fatigue came back to me. (I now take 1/5 sachet at bed time.)
The amount of Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme that I take is very small, I was thinking that I would have to be patient to see any improvements.
After 3 months of taking Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme, I started noticing little improvements.
At first, the rashes that I had every month, stopped appearing.
Then the muscle and joint pains that had been bothering me for 3 years had gone little by little.
My life has been with pain for the last three years, today, I am delighted to live life free of pain, and just living normally.
To be honest, the muscle and joint pains can change due to the weather, humidity and seasons etc, so I cannot say that it is all down to the benefits of Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme, but I will continue taking Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme and improve my condition and hopefully also help other people who suffer from Lupus.
I would like to recommend Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme for people who are suffering from autoimmune conditions, rashes and joint pains.
Even if you initially have severe fatigue after you start taking Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme, you can adjust the amount of the enzyme you take for your body and continue taking BN
I would like people who feel that medications do not help improve your condition to try taking Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme. 
-M.M. (April 2021)