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Psoriasis (1) x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

"Psoriasis has been with me for more than 16 years now. I inherited this disease from my father and I have spread the spots all over my body, but rather in pin size. It is worst on the scalp, where it is associated with high itching. There are also many spots around the chest.
Unfortunately it gets worse every year and there are many spots. I have tried and tested a lot, nothing helps in the long run.

For 2 months now I have been taking the Fermented Green Papaya Enzymes and I am simply thrilled. Already after 3 days I could observe that the psoriasis changed. It was very exciting to see and also the itching became less daily. In general, the points have been white and bright since the ingestion, so very calm.
As of now I can't imagine not taking the enzymes any more, because I couldn't see an improvement with any other therapy. I can recommend the Papaya Enzymes to anyone who has psoriasis (or any other skin condition) and my sleep is better, I sleep better and wake up fit. This is something I did not expect at first and I am very positively surprised. In summary, I can really say that I am totally happy and I hope that it will stay that way."