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35 yrs F with psoriasis & cervical cancer CIN level 2


Today, I would like to consult my personal condition, if it is ok with you. 

I had a smear test and colposcopy for cervical cancer in the UK in May 2020. I was diagnosed a cervical cancer CIN level 2 which is not actually called cancer but it has abnormal cells. It is just before cancer. I was told that if I do not hope to have a child, they would like to give me a treatment immediately even though the abnormal cells are in very local area. I was also told that it sometimes naturally goes away, so I denied the treatment. However, my Japanese gynaecologist highly recommend to have a treatment while it is local.  

I also have psoriasis. My psoriasis had gone quickly but I got new ones lately due to my stress.

I have been taking BN 3-5 sachets at bed time. I am going to have another colposcopy next month. 

Maybe.. I should take more BN as I do not want to take any surgical treatment.. Do you have any suggestions for my conditions?


Dr Kaye:

Try to avoid stressing yourself out. My suggestion is for you to do bombing dose once or twice a week. Bombing dose is taking BN 4sachets every 40 minutes for 4 doses or 1sachet every 10 minutes for 16 doses. Then take your usual daily dose for the rest of the week. The bombing dose will stimulate production of NK cells at a faster pace. Hopefully by the time you go back for your check up, the cancer will be gone. This dosing has been recommended by Dr Osato himself for precancer and cancer cases.

I hope everything will be well for you. 


*Saeko tried 4 sachets at bed time and high does, bombing dose (16 sachets) twice a week for three months. She had a colposcopy in Dec 2020 and the result was CIN level 1. The level has gone down. She stopped the high dose since the result was CIN level 1 but she continued taking BN 4-5 sachets at bed time and she had another colposcopy in Dec 2021 and the result was CIN level 1.