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Parkinson's disease

We had a person who wanted to take BN for Parkinson's disease. We asked Dr. Kaye about how BN could help people with Parkinson's disease.

Q: What is the mechanism by which BN helps Parkinson's disease?

Dr Kaye's answer

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder manifested by uncontrolled movements. This is because of the destruction of neurons in substantia nigra. These neutrons release inhibitory neurotransmitter called dopamine hence the stimulatory neurotransmitter acetylcholine predominates, causing uncontrollable movements. How can BN help this patient? The action of BioNormalizer is to remove the unwanted oxygen free radicals caused by excessive consumption of oxygen in neutralizing the chemicals that enters the body. All the cells are included and that includes the neurons. (Researches have shown that oxidative stress plays a major role in the development of Parkinson’s disease) When the oxygen free radicals are removed the cells can now repair and replicate, however brain cells do not replicate hence the action of BioNormalizer is towards the control of symptoms by stopping the further damage of neurons. The patient may start with 1-2 sachets at bedtime and may increase as needed.

Q: What are your thoughts on detoxifying the brain from workplace chemicals and toxins as a treatment for Parkinson's disease using BN?

(Background: Other doctor says that "I saw a lot of research about lipid peroxidation and how BN could be useful in basically ‘detoxing’ the brain. Also in functional medicine, we believe that there are many Parkinson is like symptoms that are actually chemical/toxin induced (such as workplace chemical exposure), and I feel BN could also help with this.")

Dr Kaye's answer

When BN removes the unwanted oxygen free radicals, this already prevents lipid peroxidation. You see the brain is majority made of lipids in the form of sphingolipids and cholesterol which are responsible in the integrity and functions of the brain. so, when we say detoxing the brain, that is preventing damage to the brain brought about by the lipid peroxidation caused by oxygen free radicals. This oxygen free radicals are produced when we consume too much oxygen (which cannot be neutralized) when we need to detoxify the chemicals that is produced by stress and also from those that we are exposed to.


These are some papers discussing Parkinson's disease.


Biochemical evidence of Bio-normalizer in brain dysfunction

Brain reactive oxygen metabolites have been widely implicated in epilepsy. stoke, trauma, ischemia, and aging, as initiators and promoters of membrane peroxidation (1) About 1% of the oxygen consumed by the mitochondria is transformed to O2 (20) Several brain enzymes such as monoamine oxidase, tyrosine hydroxylase and L-amino oxidase produce H2O2 (21) -which can react with iron to form a more reactive and toxic ‘OH by Fenton chemistry (refer to Fig. 1). Both OH and H2O2 are involved in various physiological and pathological processes in the central nervous system (22).

The brain contains several regions with high concentration of iron compounds (23). Disturbances in iron function have been implicated in a number of brain pathologies including Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease (24).

The brain cells are especially prone to free radical damage since the membrane lipids are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids or PUFA (1). The brain utilizes about one-fifth of the daily oxygen requirement (25). Unlike other organs in the body, the brain cells are not regenerated. In fact the brain shrinks as we grow older and its antioxidant defense system/network such as catalase, SOD.GSH peroxidase/reductase and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase,uric acid, a-tocopherol. β-carotene, estrogen, ascorbic acid. GSH and monoamines and their metabolites (1) depleted with age. Hence, the significance of antioxidant supplementation or therapy.



*Novel, Natural Sources of Antioxidants and Cell Redox Regulation

Testimonial from Japan

T.M. (Female, 88 years old, 140cm, 38kg, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan)

Ten years ago, she was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, gradually finding it difficult to walk, and living independently became challenging. In October 2013, she encountered Bio Normalizer and started taking it. When she consumed 3g (4 tablets), her face turned red, and her body felt warm, indicating that the Bio Normalizer was actively affecting her body. In March 2015, she moved into a care home. With the goal of being able to walk even a little, she began rehabilitation using a walking frame. She took 6g of Bio Normalizer (8 tablets) before bedtime, 3g (4 tablets) before rehabilitation, and sometimes enjoyed it in her favourite coffee milk. Then, in August, five months after moving in, she was able to walk 140 steps back and forth in the care facility's hallway, covering a distance of 20m. Each step was about 30cm long, a remarkable improvement from the time when she could barely move her feet forward and walking was difficult. Nagaoka-san, a woman from the store who brought the Bio Normalizer, said, "If your legs are better, how about your arms? Let's arm wrestle," and rolled up her sleeves. As she clasped her hands together and exerted force, there was no movement. Nagaoka-san was surprised and said, "You win." I showed her a small muscle. Because she had been patiently gripping handrails, tables, chairs, and pushing her body out to help her feet, her arms had also gained some muscle and strength. Since her grip strength had weakened, she couldn't cut her right hand's nails with her left hand, but now she can, so I showed her my fingertips. Nagaoka-san said, "Being able to do what you couldn't do before is amazing. I'm happy for you today," with joy. I also responded with a smile, saying "Thank you." I feel that the Bio Normalizer reaches every corner of my body, even to brain cells, bringing about various improvements. Just seeing the sun-like mark on the label gives me strength. Now I can even do handicrafts and make various small items like pot holders. I am truly grateful for the Bio Normalizer.


Saeko's practical advice:

BN is dose-dependent, meaning that the higher the dosage of BN people take, the quicker and better results we could potentially see. I recommend taking 2-3 sachets (8-12 tablets) at bedtime and increasing the dosage until the person starts to feel a difference or improvement.

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