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Hepatitis B x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

Name: Cheong Chee Fatt

Age :37

I always feel tired and dizzy because of my hard work. Added with the pressure from work, I felt very dizzy and sometimes vomit. At times when I was standing, I felt very dizzy and lost my balance. In order to cure these problems, I went to the doctor but he said that my body is doing well and not sick. One day, when I went for another blood test in another clinic, I was shocked to find out that I was a Hepatitis B carrier.

Accidentally, I saw Dr. Jeffrey's report in a magazine and started to consume the 7 Days Deep Cell Detox and Renewal Program. About five (5) months after the detox program, I went for a blood test again. My blood pressure decreased and maintained at a normal level. Besides, the condition of my Hepatitis B has improved tremendously and controlled.

Now, this Detox program has become a vital health product in my life. Whenever I feel uneasy, tired, dizzy or feel like vomiting, I will immediately take the Bio-Normalizer from Natural Health Farm. It has ability to improve my health. I feel very happy and would like to thank Dr. Jeffrey Cheung and Natural Health Farm because of this Detoxification Program. It has renewed my whole life and improved my health.