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Suspected Leukemia x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

Name: Azumi Suansing
Age: 9 months old

I am a father of a baby girl suspected of having Leukemia. My baby was born stiff and weak. She was poor on sucking milk. Most of the time she has bouts of upper respiratory tract infections. A week after her vaccination when she was one and a half months old, generalized red skin patches appeared on her body. .

I brought her to a doctor, initial blood exam results showed that her White Blood Cell (WBC) count was higher than normal, the doctor's initial diagnosis was leukemia, so I was advised that she undergo Bone Marrow Biopsy as a confirmatory test.

I never pursued the test because I don't want to undergo the same experience when my son who was diagnosed to have leukemia, and yet, he died still in spite of the fact that he received proper medical attention. .

This time, with my daughter having the same sickness like her brother, my wife and I decided to give her herbal medicines. .

On December 2010, my baby begun taking Bio-Normalizer and on the first 3 months of Continuous Bio-Normalizer intake, her WBC count dropped to almost normal levels. The red skin eruptions all over her body disappeared. She never had fever and rarely caught cough and colds. She seems to be active and shows signs of increased appetite. She became healthy and playful. .

I believe that the continuous intake of Bio-Normalizer helped her stay in good health and had maintained her WBC count to almost near normal levels. .

As reported by: Angleo Suansing, (Father of patient)