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Yasue's recipe 🍃 Vegan Lemon Curd Recipe

Gluten-free/Plant-based/Refined sugar-free

Enjoy a healthy version of this wonderful spread!

Lemons come into season with the first signs of spring. According to the macrobiotic approach, eating fresh seasonal food, supplements the body's need for nutrients at that time of year and helps the body to adapt well to seasonal changes. 

Lemon curd can be served with bread and yoghurt at anytime of day, as well as being a great dessert. Normally lemon curd recipes have butter and eggs, but not in this recipe. It is also very easy to make. Mix Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme into the guilt-free spread on a daily basis and consume regularly to help maintain a healthy intestinal environment. The body is very sensitive to seasonal changes. So, stay at your best with fresh seasonal food and Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme!


Approx. 250 g
15 minutes + cool for 4-6 hours


• 1 Grated zest of lemon
• 45 ml Lemon juice ( or 1 Lemon)
• 110 g Unrefined cane sugar
• 100 ml Coconut cream ( Canned /Full fat)
• 1 tbsp Water
• 2 tsp Corn starch
• 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
• 1 g Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

Tips about ingredients

• Organic lemon recommended.
• Cornstarch can be substituted with kudzu starch or arrowroot starch.
• 1 tsp = 5 ml /1 tbsp = 15 ml


  1. Place the canned coconut milk over hot water to melt the coconut fat inside, then shake the can well to mix.
  1. Place the 1 tbsp Water and 2 tsp Corn starch in a pan and mix well. Then leave it for 5 minutes.
3. Grate the peel in a bowl.
Then squeeze the lemon juice.
Add the 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract and 1 g Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme into the bowl and whisk well.
4. To the pan of STEP 2, add the 110 g Unrefined cane sugar and 100 ml Coconut cream place over medium heat. Mix well with a spatula to dissolve the cane sugar.
Keep stirring constantly with a spatula, as the bottom and sides of the pan can easily get burnt.
When it gently begins to boil, reduce the heat to low. Then cook for 3 minutes.
Meanwhile, continue stirring with a spatula!
5, Turn off the heat. Add the Lemon mixture in step 3 then mix well.
Pour the Lemon curd quickly into disinfected storage jar while it is still hot.
Cool it at room temperature to remove heat and refrigerate well.

ENJOY! :-)

Tips about Method

・Option to double or triple this recipe.
・Store in the fridge for within 10 days.

Yasué Matsuda

Gluten-free × Macrobiotic recipe creator.
Macrobiotic instructor.
Living in the UK
My key cooking theme is 'Kenohi's Kitchen'. This means 'Everyday cooking makes you'.
Found out to have delayed gluten allergy in 2017 I started gluten-free arrangement cooking with plant-based food after overcoming Leaky Gut Syndrome through a medical diet. Completed Macrobiotic Cooking School LIMA Master Course, which was first established in Japan. Also completed the course PLANT-BASED NUTRITION at the University of Winchester. Pursuing healthy but delicious cooking with my foodie passion!


Website: (Japanese only/ English version is coming up.)

-Published on 6th March 2023