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【Review】Eczema x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

I recently came across this product, Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme after trying lots of medications and supplements after suffering with eczema since I was child. I also have been experiencing irregular bleeding for the last couple of years and I was really looking for something that will improve my fundamental body strength.

Now I’ve been taking Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme for the last few months, I normally take 1 sachet before I go to bed. It has improved my eczema a lot. Although I still have eczema, the condition will never be as bad as I used to experience, it’s a lot lighter and most of the time I don’t feel itchy anymore.

I would strongly recommend Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme to people who have tried many different type of supplements in the past that have not worked, and also the taste is very nice and sweet, so it’s very easy to drink. I am almost addicted to the taste....!

-A.H. (Oct, 2020)