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Hyperglycemic (High Blood Sugar) x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

Name: Fransisca Lagoy

Age 57

I am a vegetable vendor, healthy and strong as I thought. Until one day I experienced odd things concerning my health. I felt tingling sensations on the soles of my feet. There was numbness on both of my arms. I experienced body weakness and easy fatigability. I felt dizziness often. I had sleep disturbance due to frequent urination about 10 times every night.

It was also difficult for me to fell asleep. I also carried water with me for I easily got thirsty. I was always hungry. I had cloudy vision and constipation. What alarms me most was when I had sudden weight loss, I weighed more than 50 kilograms and it dropped to 41 kilograms.

It was then that I seek a Health Care Provider. My urine test revealed that I am positive for sugar trace. My fasting blood sugar level was 98 cu. mm. I am hyperglycemic. On February 2011, Bio-Normalizer was offered to me and I began taking it.

With my continuous intake, the tingling sensation on the soles of my feet disappeared. I could only feel numbness on my arms upon waking up in the morning. I gained my strength. I did not get easily fatigue and dizziness subsided. I was able to work well regularly. I always had a sound sleep and can easily fell asleep at night. There was no frequent eating and drinking. I only woke up at night 3 times to urinate. I was no longer constipated. I also started gaining wait, at present I weigh 49 kilograms and a blood sugar level of 68 mg/dl.

I've noticed that continuous intake of Bio-Normalizer helped my blood sugar to remain at normal levels.