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Cancer and Covid

BN will remove the unwanted and toxic oxygen free radicals produced by the body and help the cells repair and function again and that includes the immune system cells (Journal of Free Radical Biology and Medicine (4) 379-383;1991 , Okayama Univ. Medical School, Japan

BN also has been proven to increase the body’s production of gamma interferon ( Neurosciences 20:149-159,1994, Kyoto Pasteur Institute, Japan) and (Journal of Interferon Research 14s. 1:s179;1994 and presented at the 1994 ISICR Annual Meeting on the Interferon System, Budapest, Hungary, 2-7 Oct 1994)and from this, BN has shown to boost or elevate the production of NKcells in the body (Clinical Report 27(11): 47-48;1993, Ehime University School of Medicine, Japan)

These were also the reasons why we advise BN to be taken by cancer patients.

Now with the CoVid 19, we are very positive that patients will be helped by BN. However because of its dose dependent property, the dose and the duration of treatment varies depending on the presence of comorbidities. We advise an increase intake to patients with more health issues. I also received a report that in Italy, the autopsies done to 50 corpse revealed that the initial problem is not pulmonary but disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC). BN has been proven to increase the iNOS in the presence of Gamma interferon (H Kobuchi et al. Biochem Mol Biol Int. 1997 Sep.) meaning BN can also help in preventing blood clotting and can help in the first stage of CoVid 19 infection. This only shows that BN will be effective in all stages of CoVid 19 infection be it on the early or late stage.

June 2020 from Dr Kaye