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Eye drop with BN

*We do not recommend to make an eye drop with BN as there is no distilled water available in the UK.

This is a case of a 61 y/o, female, married, works as a teacher and resides at La Mesa, Calamba, Laguna.

She first consulted us at FPIP on 9/9/2015 because of left sided weakness. Her history revealed that she had stroke last 2008 leaving her weak on her right side, she was apparently okay except for the weakness. On PE, she is well groomed but was limping when walking. PPE revealed vital signs of BP 180/100, Cardiac rate of 72/min and resp rate of 19/min. There is good skin turgor head and neck showed shallowing of right nasolabial fold. Motor function on the right upper and lower extremities are 100% and 75% on the left, sensory is 100% on the right and 80% on the left. Pt was diagnosed with Cataract Age Related Immature, OU; S/P CVA. And was prescribed with BN 2 sachets at bedtime. After 1 week, pt made a follow up. PPE revealed a visual acuity of 20/200, OU improving to 20/70 on pinhole, motor function has improved a little but sensory was 100% on all quadrants, at this point, an additional BN soln eyedrop was given 1 drop to both eyes 3x a day, still with oral intake of 2 sachets at bedtime. After 1 week, she made a follow up again, her condition has dramatically improved, motor and sensory were 100% all over, her vision has improved to OD 20/70- 20/50 On pinhole and OS 20/100 -20/50 on pinhole. She is still on BN soln as eyedrop but BN oral dose was rduced to 1 sachet at bedtime.


- From Dr Kaye's case