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Diabetes & Arthritis x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

Name: John Tari Makabe

My name is John Tari Makabe. I come from the Southern Highland Province. In 2001, I became unwell and started losing my appetite. This made me lose weight so I went in for a medical check up at Dr. Mola's Surgery. After the blood tests and other relevant testing, I was told that I had diabetes. Because my case was serious, I was immediately put on the insulin (injection) in both the mornings and the afternoons. By late 2001, my condition had worsened.

 In February of 2002, I went down to Sydney for further medical tests and treatment. While I was there, I was told to "still take my insulin and watch my diet".

In March of 2002, after arriving back in Port Moresby from Sydney, I flew back to Cainrs and was admitted to the Calvary Hospital where I stayed for 6 weeks. The doctors there could only tell me the same thing when I stayed in the hospital in Sydney., so I returned back to Port Moresby.

 A few weeks later, I collapsed at the Holiday Inn (formerly Islander Hotel) and was taken and admitted again to Doctor Mola's Surgery- where I was put on a trip. This happened on a Friday, so I was kept over the weekend and discharged on Monday. On Friday of that following week, I collapsed and was again admitted to Doctor Mola's Surgery. My weight then was 53 kg and slowly going down. I was then discharged and sent home. It was at this time, I knew there wasn't any hope, that I was going to die. By now, the pain was so unbearable that I had to live on morphine (pain killer) injections to help relieve the pain. I had also just learnt that I had another complication added to my already sad state- Arthritis. This left me so weak that I had to be carried to and from the bathroom.

In late 2002, an agent of the product Bio-Normalizer came to my house and proceeded to tell my wife and I about this product and its benefits. That evening after being convinced of this product, I took a bombing dose of 24 tablets. The next morning, I felt a huge difference. The pain I had for so long had all disappeared. Within a week my sugar level has dropped back to normal and I am no longer on the insulin. My weight is also back to normal-87 kg and the Arthritis in gone.

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Bio-Normalizer and to Dr. James Osato for this wonderful and unique product!!!