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Seizure/ Epilepsy / Febrile Seizure

Q: Does BN help with seizures? If so, why and how?

Dr Kaye: There have been researches on BN used for neurological disorders and that includes seizures. One is the “Protective Action of BioNormalizer Against Oxidative Stress and Brain Disorders” / PDF (This is an article found in Oxidative stress and Aging authored by R.G. Cutler, L. Packer, K. Bertram and A. Mori. eds. Birkhauser Verlag. pp. 245-257.) 

It was stated there that oxidative stress plays a part in the genesis of impaired excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmission of aspartate (Asp) and gamma amino butyric acid (GABA).

BN being a potent hydroxyl free radical scavenger inhibits the neuronal lipid peroxidation as shown by the decreased TBARS. (Brain is made up of mostly lipids and lipid peroxidation means destruction and TBARS is a unit of measurement of lipid peroxidation). They did an experiment using animals subjected to oxidative stress as in the models of post traumatic epilepsy, ischemia reperfusion injury and intracerebral microdialysis. Positive outcome as to lifespan and physical condition of the experimental animals were observed.

Another study, the “Antioxidant Protection of Bio-Normalizer against post traumatic epilepsy and Ischemia  Reperfusion Injury” Published in Frontiers of Reactive Oxygen Species  in Biology  and Medicine pp471-472, 1994. And in this research, it stated that BN appears to play a significant role in the dampening of the hyperactivity at the synapse which suggests BN’s preventive action against brain damage during ischemia reperfusion injury. 

These proves that BN will help patients with seizures however, depending on the timing and the extent of damage in the brain, the outcome as to the length of time and the disappearance of seizure varies. If the patient has a very recent onset of the first attack of seizure, which means the damage is still controllable, chances are the seizure disorder may be resolved completely. But if there is already an irreversible damage to the brain like a big scar which causes the seizure, seizure may just dampen but will be experienced by the patient still every now and then. Because brain cells do not replicate.

Q: Does BN help with Febrile Seizure?

Dr Kaye: If it is really just febrile seizures, they will go away even without treatment. However, if the seizures have occurred several times, there is a significant chance they may lead to epilepsy. It has been proven that BN has an anti-epileptic effect.


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