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One of the conditions we are frequently asked about is SIBO, and we've had successful cases of SIBO over the years. We recommend trying BN for SIBO.

Dr Kaye's opinion:

In SIBO, there was a research that stated that oxidative stress causes an elevation  of inflammatory cytokines which causes a delay in orocecal transit time meaning the bacteria will stay longer in the gut and will continuously multiply hence their overgrowth. with BN, oxygen free radicals will be cleansed off, eventually causing decrease lipid peroxidation and lowering down of inflammatory cytokines giving the bowel better movement, improved orocecal transit time which is needed to make better thee cretin of wastes decreasing the level of bacterial load to almost normal level. 2-4 sachets of BN at bedtime is ideal.



 The natural probiotics in BN also contribute to microbiome rebalancing. Of course, your dietary advice will be valuable, and the combination of advice and BN could deliver fantastic results.


Saeko’s practical advice:

I have worked with individual customers with SIBO, and some cases were very successful when they took the right amount in the right manner. You may wonder why only some cases were successful. Well, people with SIBO are aware that their gut may respond negatively to fermented food. If they perceive anything negative while taking BN, they may want to stop, although it can be a natural response to BN. They are afraid of consuming fermented food. Because of this, I suggest starting with a lower dosage for people with SIBO. It's not necessary to start with a lower dosage, but people with SIBO need to build their confidence with BN first, with me as an adviser as well, of course.

I tend to start with half or one sachet (2-4 tablets), depending on their conditions and mental readiness for BN. Please remember that BN is dose-dependent, so the lower the dosage, the longer the recovery process. The lowest dosage you could try is 1/6 sachet or 1 tablet. You or your client can increase gradually.

For instance, try half a sachet at bedtime for 3 days. If the person doesn't experience anything negative, increase to 1 sachet at bedtime for 3 days. If discomfort occurs, revert to the previous dosage until it settles, then try increasing again. Adjust the dosage based on the condition and response to BN. BN is safe to take in any form.

People with SIBO may experience loose bowels, more gas, and bloating soon after taking BN, but it's a natural response indicating microbiome changes. There's no need to worry.

For SIBO, Dr. Masayuki Sano, MD, a gastroenterologist, suggests trying BN for at least 3 months. While many people notice improvements before 3 months, it's good to try for at least 3 months to stabilise the condition.

Please refer to this page: How to take BN


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Recorded meetings

*We have more recorded videos for SIBO. We will upload them as soon as we can. 


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