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BA, 47 year old male, from Quezon City, who works as head security officer in Makati.

He used to wear combat shoes when he was still connected with the AFP. He developed itchy lesions which started as athlete's foot and eventualy became eczema. Several topical medications were applied to his feet but to no avail. Upon consultation at Above Aesthetics Center, allergenic food was minimized as instructed. BN 1 sachet was taken for a week and soaked his feet in a bucket
of BN solution (1 sachet in 1 liter of water) after taking a bath and before reporting to the office and before sleeping. For 1 week, he was advised to wear open leather sandals for aeration of his feet. He was also advised to throw away his old socks. On the second week, he could already wear closed shoes with the new socks. The lesions dried up and the eczema was gone.

- From Dr Radi Apostol's case