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Fungal Nails x Bio Normalizer

BN can be used to help with Fungal Nails, and it would be worth trying it. Why? Because BN possesses a property known as bacteriostatic, which could help suppress fungal activity. Additionally, if you recall that BN is an immune booster (NK cell production booster), it would contribute to strengthening your immune system.

There have been many successful cases of treating fungal nails with BN in Japan. There are ways to maximise the benefits from it, so let's share that information here.

It is always beneficial to consume BN internally. We recommend taking 2 sachets at bedtime for most adults and half to one sachet for most children. If you are unfamiliar with the proper way to take BN, please read the basic guidelines for its consumption.

[ How to prepare a Foot/Nail Bath for Fungal Nails ]

First, prepare an enzyme water for a foot bath (1g of BN : 1L of water/ one granule sachet = 3g/ one tablet = 0.5g ). Since it is winter, you can use warm or hot water. Keep in mind that even if you use boiling water with BN, it does not lose its activities or benefits. Soak the affected nail, foot, or feet with fungal nails. Ensure that the fungal nail is completely submerged. The recommended soaking time is 15 - 20 minutes, as the warm water tends to cool down in winter. It's advisable to repeat this process several times a day, as desired. After the bath, it is better to let it air-dry (use a hair dryer) rather than wiping it with a towel.

It's noteworthy that using the same enzyme water for approximately 10 days is beneficial. If the water starts to smell fermented or odd, it is advisable to change it. Typically, it takes around 20 days to observe a noticeable difference.

As we recommend using the same water, you can use an old pot dedicated for your foot. 

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