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Kidney Polycystic Disease/ KPD

We had a customer who was interested in trying Bio Normalizer.

He was diagnosed Kidney Polycystic Disease/ KPD. He was sentenced 6 years by his doctor. He is in 40's and he has young children to look after. How does Bio Normalizer could help him?

Dr Kaye:

Polycystic kidney disease is an inherited kidney problem although the problem is already there and at present has no definite cure, we can give the patient bionormalizer. How can BN help a patient with PKD? Kidney and liver are major organs for detoxification. And in the process of detoxification, we consume a lot of oxygen, producing oxygen free radicals, causing further destruction of these organs. BioNormalizer will just help in removing these free radicals that will eventually aggravate the kidney problem. This way, the destruction of the kidney or kidneys may slow down. Prolonging the lifespan of the kidney. The patient may take 1-2 sachets at bedtime and try to help himself. By, avoiding chemically prepared food and drinks, avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages. Try to have enough sleep/ rest and as much as he can, avoid stress.