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Stevens-Johnson syndrome

Pt. M.F. 32/F, married, from Real, Calamba, Laguna City, first consulted our office on 1/26/2016, because of erythematous macular lesions, with extensive sloughing off of skin, all over the body, the extremities, the face and the scalp. Pt claims that this has been going on since 12/18/2015. She has consulted 3 different doctors who diagnosed her with allergic dermatitis and was prescribed with cetaphil and steroids which she discontinued without consultation and other unrecalled meds. Apparently, her condition worsened which now affects her entire body, she stated to have arthritic pains 1 week prior to consultation, her activities were limited and she feels depressed and hopeless until she was invited by a neighbour to consult with us and use bionormalizer. Her history revealed a chronic use of ibuprofen, when she consulted our officce, we saw the lesions as described above, diagnosis of steven johnson was reached. She was advised oral and topical use of bionormalizer but she opted to just use the BioNormalizer soap and BioNormalizer soln and BioNormalizer with petroleum jelly. After a week, she made a follow up and on PE, her skin was still reddish but not as intense as when she first consulted, there was a dramatic decrease of sloughing off of skin, she can now move her hands and fingers without pain, she claims better urination.


- From Dr Kaye's report