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A customer's review (Quality of sleep & constipation) x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

I took Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme for 1 month. How I took the enzyme was that I took 1 sachet 30 mins before running in the morning and 2 sachets just before going to bed, so it was 3 sachets in total a day. I slept better during the night and felt well when I woke up in the morning since I started taking it. I was also wishing to loose some weight but unfortunately I did not see difference on my weight. I run regularly and I feel less tired in terms of my recovery from my running. Besides, my constipation had gone.  I would definitely recommend it to those who do regular excise, people who have constipation and feel fatigue in the morning. I would continue taking Fermeted Green Papaya Enzyne for my health.

- A.S.