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How does BN assist with ADHD? What is the underlying mechanism?

Dr Kaye's opinion on how BN helps ADHD:

In the case of ADHD, the brain is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which are very vulnerable to oxidation by oxygen free radicals, this may lead to neuro inflammation causing an imbalance of the neurotransmitters. and this may lead to ADHD. BN being a strong antioxidant will just cleanse the body off the unwanted free radicals eventually decreasing the neuro inflammation and helps in balancing the neurotransmitters. This is the reason why some  children  with ADHD usually overcome this problem as the grow older. Cases with ADHD depending on their severity, may take BN from 1-4 or 5 sachets a day.

Saeko's practical experience and advice for ADHD:

I have worked with a few children who have ADHD as our customers. They had gut health issues, so the first noticeable improvements were in gut health. The great thing about using BN for children with ADHD is that they love the taste, even though they can be very fussy about the food they eat. The improvements in ADHD-related symptoms can take time to see, and there might be some ups and downs in the symptoms. However, when children take the right amount of BN for their body in the right way, they are more likely to see improvements.

Dr. Asami Oguro, PhD, at the medical school at Exeter University, has been researching BN. Her special interests are in Autism and ADHD. When the outcome is ready to be announced, we will share more information.


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