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Practitioner referral scheme

Welcome aboard to support people's lives and health by using BN!
We have proudly collaborated with medical doctors, nutritional therapists, beauty therapist and sports instructors worldwide over the years. We are excited to contribute to more people's improved health.


[Referral scheme]

There are three options available 
  1. We provide a 5% discount code and/ or 10% discount code for your clients, and in return, we compensate you with a 20% commission on your sales. UK bank account holders have no minimum sales requirement for payout. Once your discount code has been utilised, we will promptly inform you about the purchasers, their product selections, and the quantities bought. Commissions will be disbursed on a monthly basis.
  2. If practitioners prefer not to receive any commission from companies, we offer a 10% discount to their clients.
  3. If you are interested in reselling our product, please let me know, and I will send you the wholesale price.
Once you have joined our scheme, we would be delighted to feature you on our website, Instagram, and Facebook if you wish. You can visit this page: to see examples. Please inform us if you'd like to be showcased. There is no obligation to appear on our website or our social media after joining our scheme. The choice is entirely yours.


[How to Join Our Referral Scheme]

Before joining our referral scheme, kindly review our terms and conditions. If you find them agreeable, please sign in two designated areas on the first page, complete the last page, and send the document to Saeko at For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The documents are here.

Once you have your discount code, you're all set!

After signing up, we will notify you when your discount code is used. We declare your sales at the end of each month and compensate you with your commission.

[Discount for practitioners/personal use only]

We offer a 40% discount on all practitioner orders for personal use. 

Please simply email us ( with details of the product and the quantity you would like to purchase. Once we receive your request, we will send you an email invoice. You can then proceed to make a card payment directly through the email.


[Educational meetings]

We conduct educational meetings with Dr. Kaye on a monthly basis, typically on the first Wednesday of each month. You're cordially invited to attend these sessions. The meetings are interactive, allowing practitioners to freely pose questions to Dr. Kaye and engage in discussions about various cases.

Should you express interest in participating, kindly inform us at