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Beta Thalassemia x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

Name: Gloribee Villar

I was diagnosed to have a blood disorder called Beta Thalassemia (an inherited disease characterized by abnormal hemoglobin production)
when I was 5 years old. It was confirmed through a Bone Marrow Extraction Test. We are four siblings and three of us are carriers of the disease. Of the three, I am the one who manifested the full blown symptoms of the disease. During my teenage years, I was symptom-free then it gradually progressed during adulthood.

The signs and symptoms first appeared when I was 19 years of age. It started as dizziness and nausea which gradually increased in frequency, my skin turned from pale to jaundiced, I could hardly move my joints because they are painful.
I easily suffered infections, accompanied by general weakness and fatigue, I spend most of my time lying in bed.

At age 23, I decided to seek medical treatment for my worsening condition. A confirmatory test called Hemoglobin Electropoesis Test revealed that I have the disease. I was ordered to receive Blood Transfusions immediately because my Hemoglobin count dropped to 5.5 mg/d (normal is 12.1 to 15). I am required to have blood transfusions every two months with 2500 cc of Packed Red Blood Cells which doctors say may last for a lifetime.
It was in 2007, that I decided to stop my blood transfusion because I can no longer afford it. My condition became worst, abdominal ultrasound results showed gall stones, and on physical exam my spleen and liver are enlarged.
It was year 2008 when I decided to seek another Health Care Provider and tried shifting to herbal medications. Those herbal medicines had helped me to cope up with my everyday life.
I began taking Bio-Normalizer on April 2010, a week after intake, I noticed that my body weakness gradually disappeared, I was able to perform simple house chores, infections became less frequent and the jaundice disappear although, I'm still a bit pale, abdominal pain from gallstones rarely bothered me, and the size of my liver and spleen on palpation is decreasing.

My menstruation stopped for a long time due to chronic anemia, but returned when I started taking Bio-Normalizer, I have monthly periods for the past four months each lasting for three to five days.
I know that the disease runs a lifetime course and there is no definite treatment at the moment, however Bio-Normalizer helped me coped with this debilitating illness and majority of the symptoms were gone.