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Breast Cancer

AA, 78 y/o female with cancer of the left breast and underwent modified radical mastectomy at Medical City Hospital on Oct. 2018.

She underwent Chemotherapy a month after the mastectomy. She felt weak, nauseated and with vomiting after each session. She could hardly walk around due to dizziness and easy fatigability because she lost her appetite and could hardly eat. Two hours before the 3" session of chemotherapy, she took 4 sachets then took 2 sachets 2 hours after chemotherapy session. No vomiting occurred but only slight nausea. She could eat already a regular meal due to regained appetite. She then felt relieved. She was up and about.

She refused to go for the fourth chemotherapy session and decided to just take BioNormalizer 1 sachet in the morning before breakfast and one sachet at bedtime. She applied BN solution to wound on the operative site. She claimed to have felt better. At present she is taking BN 1 sachet every other day.


- From Dr Radi Apostol's case