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Breast cancer (11x11 cm)

Saeko: Should a cancer patinet start with higher dose of Bio Normalizer?

Dr Kaye:
I usually do not start high with my cancer patients right away, I also start with 2 sachets at bedtime for a week to introduce the effect of BN in their bodies then I increase it to 2 sachets 2 hrs after lunch and 2 sachets at bedtime with once or twice a week bombing dose. This is giving 4 sachets every 40 minutes for 4 doses or 16 sachets every 10 minutes for 16 doses. I even had one patient who did the bombing everyday continuously for 2 weeks. Well, it did helped because she used to have an 11x11 cms lump on her breast which disappeared after the bombing. The only fall back is the price. If the patient can afford it, they can.
If they will use BN for cancer, they are not supposed to stop abruptly. Why? Because BN works as a Natural Killer Cell Booster and once they are boosted they will be fighting with the cancer. Both are live cells, hence cancer cells will also multiply, once BN is suddenly stopped, the cancer might proliferate faster. Also, since there will be fighting between cancer and NK cells, the patient will be able to feel it. There will be pain and heat over the tumor area and this is a good sign that the body is starting to fight. Depending on the severity of cancer, they can do bombing dose as often as they like. Again, for uniformity, they can do *bombing once or twice a week. And before surgery, if needed. If the chemotherapy contains platinum, withold BN first,  2 days before and 2 days after chemo. As BN, being a good metal chelator, may just chelate platinum.
*Bombing dose = High dose