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A non-bacterial/autoimmune form of osteomyelitis


There is a 16 year old boy and he has got a non-bacterial/autoimmune form of osteomyelitis. Can you please advise how BN helps the condition. Can you please also explain why his pain may get worse when he starts taking BN.

Dr Kaye:

There have been researches that has proved that oxidative stress plays an important role in the pathogenesis of chronic osteomyelitis. fatty tissues within the bone undergo lipid peroxidation which starts the progression of osteomyelitis. BN being a very potent antioxidant may help patients by removing the free radicals causing lipid peroxidation and prevent further damage to the bone. however, in this case BN can be used as an adjunct treatment only to prevent further complications and recurrence which is the main problem in autoimmune osteomyelitis. 

Usually, an autoimmune osteomyelitis is accompanied by other problems. what other problems does this particular patient have? anyway, whatever they are, they still are caused by oxidative stresses which leads from one problem  to another. and BN being food and work as a strong antioxidant and immunomodulator, is very safe and will definitely help patients.