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Academic papers/ Clinical recearch

Bio Normalizer has been the subject of over 130 academic papers. Research on this product involved seven countries and was conducted in collaboration with at least 23 universities, research institutes, and hospitals around the world.


If you would like to gain a comprehensive understanding of BN's primary therapeutic effects, this article is an excellent starting point. It offers a clear insight into what BN can potentially accomplish within our bodies. ↓↓

【Summary of Therapeutic Actions of BN Supported by Clinical Research】


Free radical regulation properties

- Removes 5% of superoxide radicals

- Removes 95% of hydroxyl radicals

- Induces and adjusts SOD and catalase activities

- Induces nitric oxide synthesis in the body


Immuno-modulating property

- Activates macrophages inhabitation of neutrophils 

- Activates the natural killer cells which attack cancer cells

- Increase the production of γ-interferon in the presence of viruses inside the body 


Bacteriostatic action

- Hinders harmful bacterial growth under the natural condition


Heavy Metal ion chelation property

- Detoxifies the body of accumulated lead, cobalt, cooper, iron and platinum component in cisplatin as anti-cancer and is excreted in urine or sweat

More information here


Anti-aging action

- Enhances the activation of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and suppresses oxidation of lipids.


Potential Antigeotoxic action

Research paper available here






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