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Eczema/ Atopic Dermatitis

Bio Normalizer (BN) does help with eczema and atopic dermatitis by significantly reducing oxidative stress and acting as an immunomodulator, as proven by numerous research papers. "Oxidative stress appears to be one of the important factors in the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis. It not only directly damages the cellular structures of the skin but also enhances dermal inflammation and weakens the skin barrier function and enables infections by microbial pathogens. "*1

Free radical regulation properties in BN

  • Removes 5% of superoxide radicals
  • Removes 95% of hydroxyl radicals
  • Induces and adjusts SOD and catalase activities
  • Induces nitric oxide synthesis in the body

Immuno-modulating properties in BN

More Actions in BN here

Dr. Masayuki Sano, MD, Gastroenterologist, Surgeon, Oncologist, is a medical consultant for BN in Japan. He has been recommending BN to children and adults with eczema and atopic dermatitis. He clearly mentions that Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis cannot be improved without improving gut health. As BN is a natural fermented food, it contains natural probiotics.

BN also works as an anti-histamine and could help relieve itchiness on the skin.

In practice, although BN does ease these conditions as a potent antioxidant,  immunomodulator and GI Tract support, practitioners should find out what allergen has caused the conditions. Once identified, the person should eliminate it, otherwise, complete recovery would be difficult.

It is important to mention that it takes time to see noticeable improvement, compared to psoriasis. (Body psoriasis shows quick improvement.) During the course of BN, people may experience flare-ups from time to time, which is part of the recovery process. Please continue taking BN as the frequency of flare-ups should reduce over time.

We highly recommend trying BN spray on the skin in combination with oral administration of BN for a powerful effect.

Please refer to this page: How to take BN


Q. Is it safe for children to take BN.

A, Yes, it is safe to take for children to take BN. We can even use BN on new born babies. 

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1, Oxidative Stress in Atopic Dermatitis, Hongxiu Ji, Feb 2016