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How to take BN

The first thing we should mention is that BN is a fermented food, not a medication. It is very safe to consume BN, and there's no risk of overdose. BN's effectiveness is dose-dependent, which means that the more BN one consumes, the greater the potential for better and faster results.

*Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme = Bio Normalizer: BN

Dosage: The recommended starting dosage is based on body weight, with a ratio of 1g of BN for every 10kg of body weight. For most adults, we typically recommend starting with 2 sachets (equivalent to 8 tablets) at bedtime. In the case of small children, a half sachet (2 tablets) or 1 sachet (4 tablets) is usually sufficient.

*If a child's body weight exceeds 60 kg, please follow the recommended adult dosage.

*If an individual's body weight exceeds 90-100kg, we would recommend trying 3 sachets (12 tablets) at bedtime.

*The dosage doesn't need to be exact since it's not a medication. It's often better to take a slightly higher amount to better experience the effects.

 Dr Kaye's comments: 

It is really very important that they (doctors) get to understand the action of BN. From there, dosing will be very easy. But for them you may just advise them to ask their patients to take BN, 2 sachets at bedtime daily for both healthy and sick individuals but you may also add that it is also safe to increase it up to 16 sachets a day. Probably, they are just scared of over dosing. For infants, 1/2 sachet may be incorporated with their milk formula, for 2 years old up to 10 y/o, 1 sachet at bedtime.


For cancer patients, we typically recommend 4 sachets (16 tablets) at bedtime and 16 sachets (64 tablets) twice a week at least. Please follow the dosage instructions here. How to take BN for cancer

For autoimmune conditions associated with pain, please follow this dosage instruction here. How to take BN for autoimmune conditions associated with pain

Here are the instructions to maximise the benefits of BN. We would like to emphasise that this is the fundamental approach to taking BN.

1. Take BN at bedtime without drinking water or any other fluid and mix it thoroughly with your saliva. Please advise your clients to mix BN with their saliva very well. When the enzyme and saliva are mixed, they create a beneficial chemical reaction. If individuals, especially the elderly, have difficulty producing saliva, I advise them to chew the granules thoroughly to increase saliva production. For tablets, simply consume them like candies. Bedtime is the ideal time to take BN because it supports cell regeneration, hormone rebalancing, and aids in fatigue recovery during the night. It's suggested to take it just before closing your eyes.

*Although BN is sweet, it is said that it is tooth-friendly. However, if you are concerned, you can try taking BN before brushing your teeth.

2. Take BN at least 2 hours after your last meal; it's better to take it on an empty stomach. Papaya enzyme is primarily a digestive enzyme. When taken with a full stomach, BN will primarily act as a digestive enzyme. However, we expect BN to offer more than just digestive benefits. It should work as a potent antioxidant, immune system modulator, and metal chelator, among other things. Taking BN on an empty stomach allows it to unleash its full potential.

3. Avoid drinking water or any fluids 30 minutes before and after taking BN. We don't want to dilute BN in the stomach. It's best to avoid drinking water. Some people may not appreciate the sweetness of BN, in which case drinking water is acceptable.

4. Stay well-hydrated by drinking plenty of water, ideally at least 2 liters per day, if you have no restrictions on water intake. BN has excellent detox properties and has been proven to benefit liver function. Drinking an ample amount of water is crucial for flushing out toxins. People who don't drink enough water to eliminate toxins may experience detox reactions. When individuals encounter detox reactions, the first thing we inquire about is their daily water intake.

5. Incorporate plenty of vegetables into your diet during the course of BN. BN contains probiotics, and it's important to provide them with the nutrients they need to thrive in your gut.

When to increase the dosage?: We recommend starting with the initial dosage for 7-10 days. If during this period, individuals notice improvements in bowel movements, sleep quality, morning energy levels, and skin condition, they should continue with the same dosage, even if the specific health issues they aim to address have not improved yet. Enhanced bowel movements, better sleep, increased morning energy, and improved skin condition indicate that the dosage is suitable for their body.

If individuals do not experience any noticeable changes within the first 7-10 days, it is essential to review how they have been taking BN. Check if they are drinking enough water and if they are taking BN on an empty stomach. If they are following the instructions but still have not seen improvement, consider increasing one more sachet (4 tablets) at bedtime and monitor their body's response to BN for the next 2-3 weeks. If there is still no discernible improvement and they have been following the instructions diligently, it is advisable to increase the dosage by one more sachet.

Typically, most people notice differences with 3-4 sachets at bedtime when they adhere to the instructions. However, if 4 sachets (16 tablets) at bedtime still do not result in noticeable improvements, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Based on our experience in the UK, very few number of individuals experience significant improvements with just one sachet (4 tablets).  However, there are a few people who notice significant improvements with just one sachet or even less. It always depends on their conditions, medications, lifestyle, and diet. We cannot be certain until people try it. 


 For those with skin problems, we highly recommend trying a spray that you can make. Customer testimonials suggest that the combination of oral administration and the spray for skin conditions is effective. 

[How to make BN spray]

The ratio is 1g of BN to 1L of water (0.5g : 500ml). (1 sachet contains 3 g, and one tablet is 0.5g). Please note that the amount doesn't need to be precise as this is not a medication. Use filtered, bottled, or boiled water for the spray. Even if you add the enzyme to boiling water, it retains its benefits. Since there are no artificial preservatives in the enzyme water, it's advisable to create a fresh batch every 2-3 days. During the summer, refrigeration is recommended to prevent bacterial growth. Any leftovers can be consumed.

[How to use BN spray]

There are no usage limits for this spray; you can apply it to your skin as frequently as desired. The more you use, the better the potential results. We suggest using it at least twice a day.

[For pets]

BN is also suitable for pets. 

It can be directly taken or mixed with food. It is better to give when the stmach is empty. 

  • Small 🐶 & 🐱/ 1-5 kg : 1g (1/3 sachet)
  • Medium size 🐶 & 🐱/ 5-10 : 2g (2/3 sachet)
  • Large 🐶 & 🐱/ 10-30kg : 3g (1 sachet)

Please increase the dosage depending on the condition.

*Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme has been recommended by veterinarians, Nagoya City Veterinarian Cooperative Society in Japan.