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Global Recognition

[ Mechnikov Award and President Gorbachev 's courtesy visit ]

In June and August 1993,  a humanitarian mission for the radiation-exposed victims of nuclear power plants in Chernobyl, Ukraine was carried out.


Dr. Osato and his team travelled to Kharkiv City National Cancer Hospital in Ukraine and Moscow State Medical University Hospital in Russia. He donated a number of Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme. This Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme was administered as a part of the treatment for children in Russia who were suffering from leukemia. In Ukraine, 42 adult patients who had various radiation related illnesses took it as a part of their treatment.


Medical doctors and scientists were impressed by the results of using Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme.  It greatly contributed the patient’s recovery. As a result of that, the former President Gorbachev and his wife Raisa visited Gifu, Japan on 12th November 1995 and presented a letter of appreciation. Since then, his institute, The Osato Sun O Research Institute has significantly contributed to the sciences, including immunology and applied microbiology and with this achievement, the Mechnikov Award from the Mechnikov Institute in Russia was awarded to Dr. Osato.  This prestigious award was named after Dr. Mechnikov who was a Nobel Prize awardee in 1908 for his research on microorganisms and lactic acid bacteria.



In 1993, Dr Osato was given the title of Academician from the Ukraine Science Academy for technology and cybernetic.

 In 1997, Dr Osato was awarded for the title of Academician from Medical Engineering and Science Academy in Russia.  


[ The Award at International Congress of Aging Society sponsored by WHO ]


In 1999, Dr. Osato was the recipient of “Quality of Life Award”, this award of Quality of Life given by the International Aging Society at the International Congress of Aging Society sponsored by WHO in Abano TermeCity, Italy. Twenty scientists from all over the world who had done  great achievements were nominated. From among them,  five top scientists were chosen and it was Dr.  Osato who was voted as the top scientist with the highest number of votes. The anti-aging property of Bio Normalizer/ Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme was credited for this award. 


[ SARS outbreak with Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme ]


In June 2003, Sun O International Inc. donated Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme for people who were suffering from SARS in China. The humanitarian mission was conducted in Tianjin National Medical College.

In 2004, the Chinese Ministry of Public Health officially registered Bio-Normalizer/ Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme as a "Health Food for Immune Regulation" due to its positive effects on people with lower and compromised immunity. (The registration has expired)