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Breast cancer (2)

JA, 57 year old female from Dumaguete City working as call center supervisor.

She was obese. She felt easy fatigability and always felt sleepy. Then she noticed changes in the appearance of her areola .They appeared like orange peel. Consult done and fine needle aspiration biopsy revealed malignancy of the breasts but no mass can be palpated. She does not want any operation or chemotherapy.

She started on BN one sachet daily. After one week, she did not feel weak and tired. She continued for a month of intake. Until she felt severe abdominal pain
on the right side. Took 4 sachets which temporarily alleviated the pain. She sought consult with the gastroenterologist at Silliman University Hospital and diagnostic tests revealed metastasis to the liver. She still continued to take BN 1 sachet at night and 1 sachet at bedtime. The right abdominal pain lessened until after 1 week, she again felt excruciating pain on the same area.
She was rushed to the hospital and was confined. BN intake was discontinued. She was given various medicines.


- From Dr Radi Apostol's case