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Breast Cancer (Stage 1)

I, Saeko, had a case of breast cancer at stage 1. When I encountered the customer, she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer at stage 1. She wasn't taking any medications or undergoing any treatments.

Her age: 42

Her weight: 52 kg

Tumor size: 2.7 cm (Suspected tumor: 0.6 cm)

HER2: Negative

At the time, she was practicing fasting (not intermittent fasting) and taking multivitamins and curcumin as supplements. She was interested in adding supplements that could help reduce the size of the tumor.

I recommended 4 sachets at bedtime and a high dose at least twice a week. When taking a high dose, she wouldn't need to take the regular dose.

 She was actually taking 4 sachets at bedtime and a high dose three times a week. She tried BN for about 3 weeks until she underwent an operation.

 The tumor size had decreased from 2.7 cm to 1.6 cm by the time of her operation. (The suspected tumor of 0.6 cm had disappeared. It was confirmed by an MRI before the operation.)

She experienced no issues after her operation. 

Following her surgery, she has continued taking BN to prevent cancer. Her plan is to gradually reduce the dosage over time.

- June 2023