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Covid 19



  • Why BN could help people infected and suspected with Covid 19 with existing academic papers as references.
  • Why it would be beneficial to conduct a clinical trial with BN for Covid 19.


Dr Kaye:


A human body is made up of hundreds of trillions of cells and humans, being aerobic organisms, use oxygen in all the processes happening inside it. Since the body uses oxygen in all of its processes, the body produces by-products of oxygen metabolism called the oxygen metabolites or oxygen free radicals, this free radicals are capable of destroying our cells however, since the human body produces its own antioxidant enzymes, the body normally neutralizes them. That was then, now, because of the advancement of technology people rely on it to aid their needs for their daily living. People become very busy with their lives that. Cooking has been a chore that they want to get rid of. Hence, a lot of people rely on fast foods and microwavable food. Regardless of their nutritional content. People live in a very fast pace. Gadgets has been part of man's daily lives now. Seems like technology has eaten humans alive.


As mentioned earlier, all the processes occurring inside the human body consumes oxygen and in these processes produces free radicals. These free radicals overwhelmed the human body that the body can no longer neutralize them. This excessive production of free radicals causes massive cell destruction and here is where illness sets in. A lot of diseases starts to set in when chemically prepared medicines become part of human lives. Chemicals, when they enter the body  needs to undergo detoxification  and in this process  a lot of oxygen  is consumed  hence the production  of a lot of oxygen free radicals. No cells are safe from the attack of free radicals.


BioNormalizer, a product from biofermentation of unripe carica papaya is a very strong oxygen free radical scavenger and a strong immunoimodulator ( Free Radical Scavenging Action of BioNormalizerand its byproduct, Journal of Free Radical Biology and Medicine 11(4):379-383; 1991, Okqyqmq University medical School, Japan). and (Effects of BioNormalizer on serum components and immunologic functions in Humans, Neurosciences 20:149-159;1994, Kyoto Pasteur Institute, Japan) from here, we can say that when a person is under a lot of stress and has been ingesting a lot of chemically prepared food, the body will produce a lot of oxygen free radicals which can cause massive cell destruction leading to malfunction of systems. When this particular person ingests BN, oxygen free radicals will be neutralized eventually letting the cells repair and eventually function again. This also goes with the immune system cells. 


CoVid19 virus is a very infectious microorganism but if the immune system is maintained to be strong, it cannot affect the person. However, if the person is infected already and is symptomatic, how can we help these patients? First, we assess how the patient reacts, usually, the patient panics, and when they panic, they hyperventilate and when they hyperventilate, they produce high amounts of oxygen free radicals, This is in my opinion the cause of complications of CoVid infection. The body produces very high levels of oxygen free radicals causing destructions of cells and their functions. BN will initially remove the unwanted oxygen free radicals which destroys the cells and then, BN will now boost the gamma interferon production which eventually stimulates production of macrophages and natural killer cells which are responsible in the killing or inactivating the virus and other foreign invaders in the human body. (Effects of Dietary Supplements on Interferon Producing capacity in Humans, Journal of Interferon Research 14s. 1: s179; 1994(presented at the 1994 ISICR Annual Meeting on the Interferon System, Budapest, Hungary, 2-7 Oct. 1994) and( The Effects of BioNormalizer Administration to the Rats with lung inflammation induced by cobalt ions - Russian Institute of Pediatric Hematology) and (BioNormalizer as a Modulator of Oxidative and Immune Status in an organism - International Symposium on Natural Antioxidants: Molecular Mechanisms and Health effects. Beijing China 20-24 June 1995.


You were asking why it will be beneficial to conduct a clinical trial with BN for CoVid 19, well, what we have as I have said is just the connect the dot explanation on how BN will work in a patient with CoVid 19, we now know that BN is a very strong antioxidant that can protect the body cells from destruction which includes the immune system cells, and that BN aids in modulating the immune system to help in fighting infection but, we do not have a research yet that specifically says that CoVid19 can be cured by BN.

* This message was written in August 2020.


Dr Kaye's other note:


Now with the CoVid 19, we are very positive that patients will be helped by BN. However because of its dose dependent property, the dose and the duration of treatment varies depending on the presence of comorbidities. We advise an increase intake to patients with more health issues. I also received a report that in Italy, the autopsies done to 50 corpse revealed that the initial problem is not pulmonary but disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC). BN has been proven to increase the iNOS in the presence of Gamma interferon (H Kobuchi et al. Biochem Mol Biol Int. 1997 Sep.) meaning BN can also help in preventing blood clotting and can help in the first stage of CoVid 19 infection. This only shows that BN will be effective in all stages of CoVid 19 infection be it on the early or late stage.