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Crohn's disease

Saeko asked Dr Kaye how BN would help a customer who has been suffering from Crohn's disease for over 10 years.

Dr Kaye: Hi, Crohn’s disease is one inflammatory problems that’s very difficult to treat because the etiology can not be established yet. However, lately, the role of oxygen metabolites or oxygen free radical is being connected to it and since BioNormalizer is a very strong Hydroxyl free radical scavenger, definitely, this product can help patients with all types of Crohn’s disease. How? by simply removing hydroxyl free radical from the system, the body cells can start to reproduce normal cells which can function normally. Gut cells easily replaces dead gut cells. In here, there is this risk of mutation which again can be prevented by BioNormalizer since it has antigenotoxic property. It can maintain the integrity of the cell up to its nucleus that holds the DNA.

Patients’ with Crohn’s disease just have to take BioNormalizer 2 sachets at bedtime. Avoid stressors and have "complete rest".

Thank u for this inquiry and if there is still somethings u want to ask, please feel free.


Saeko: As you know, we have a customer who has been suffering from Crohn's disease. He has been taking BN for over 7 months. He has been increasing his dose over the time and he is now taking 5-10 sachets a day and he does a bombing dose every 5-7 days. However, he has not seen much improvements so far. His bowel does not change at all, he says. His bowel is like water. He eats BN at bed time with empty stomach. If he cannot eat it at night time then he eats in the morning. He drinks 1-1.5L a day.(He cannot drink more than that.) At least, his condition has not been worse but it has been a bit frustrated as he cannot see improvements. Is there any advise for him to make his condition better? We would appreciate any advise from you.

*This person told me that his sex life got better after taking BN and his overall health is pretty good apart from watery bowel.

Dr Kaye: As in the case of Crohn’s disease, I do not advise a very high dose of BN, please advise the patient to just take 2 sachets at bedtime. BN, as a free radical neutralizer, will convert the free radical to water, this maybe the reason why his bowel moves mostly water even if he only ingests 1.5 liters a day. But one good thing is his Crohn’s disease is not getting worse. As I have told you in my previous messages about Crohn’s, this is really very difficult to treat and there is a chance of mutation. BN on the other hand decreases that chance.

 [This customer took BN for over one year, then mover to Germany. He had perianal abscess and skin problems around anus when he contacted Saeko, so he needed to use donuts cushion for that at the time. He used BN solution and took BN orally. It healed the skin problem after one to two weeks of taking BN and using solution.  ]