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Eczema and TSW


  1. How does BN help in eczema and TSW? 
  2. A lady who has eczema and TSW. She has been using no moisturising treatment at this moment. In this case, she should not use the spray (BN water)? but she can eat BN?
  3. Lots of steroids have been using for autoimmune conditions including psoriasis, eczema, Crohn's disease.. etc. Is it ok to take BN while people take steroid? When people use steroid cream on their skin, is it good to use the spray at the same time?  
  4. Not relating to eczema.. For psoriasis, would the spray(BN water) be beneficial without eating BN? I understand that trying both at the same time is more beneficial to heal it but a customer would like to know that even the only spray would be worth try?


Dr Kaye:

I was just wondering why the lady you mentioned does not use moisturizing treatment when the very common cause of eczema is dryness. Mainstay of the treatment is to keep the moisture to avoid further skin damage. 

The skin has a fat layer under it and it is very vulnerable to the attack of free radicals because it is exposed to the sun, chemicals from the fabrics and air and some use whitening creams and so on and so forth. The production of free radicals when exposed to the sun or radiation is immediate and there is already lipid peroxidation happening under the skin which eventually surfaces. If not halted, these will be the start of eczema and continuous turnover will lead to psoriasis. Sudden withdrawal from a topical steroid which the patient has been using chronically may cause imbalance in the skin’s homeostasis causing free radical production and fast lipid peroxidation. Just like eczema and psoriasis, there will be a very fast turn over of skin causing them to pile and slough off. BN soln alone may help the patient because as I have mentioned, the skin’s reaction to free radical production is immediate or instant. Hence, the topical soln will also give immediate response to it. But topical plus oral is still the best. With topical alone, the effect may take a longer time.

You were also asking if BN can be given to patients on steroid, the answer is yes. BN is food and it can be taken by anybody esp those with illnesses.

Dr Kaye:

I would to add, maybe the lady has an eczema that when moisturized, gets worse. BN soln will help to moisturize skin as it dries up the lesion. The lipid peroxidation exudes that is why they thought moisturizing will not help. But with BN, the lipid peroxidation will atop hence will dry the lesion as it moisture the skin.