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How to take BN for cancer

BN has been providing support to numerous cancer patients for many years, backed by a significant amount of research. Our goal is to extend our support to an even larger number of individuals.

To help someone with cancer fight off the disease with BN, we typically recommend taking 16 tablets (4 sachets) at bedtime with a high dose at least twice a week. Let's say every 3 days, but there is no such thing as an overdose of BN. If your client would like to try the high dose 3-4 times a week, there is no problem in doing so. A high dose is also called a 'bombing dose,' a term coined by Dr. Kaye. (originally Dr Osato)

The way people take the high dose is as follows:

  • Tablets: 16 tablets x 4 every 40 minutes or 4 tablets x 16 every 10 minutes
  • Granule sachets: 4 sachets x 4 every 40 minutes or 1 sachet x 16 every 10 minutes

These methods are all the same thing. This is a very powerful way of taking BN to boost the immune system. The timing of taking the high dose does not have to be at bedtime; it can be done in the afternoon.

BN is a powerful immune booster, so a patient's immune system (NK cells activity) could rely on BN. In this case, if a patient would like to stop taking BN, they should reduce the dose gradually, not stop abruptly.

One case where we commonly observe Herxheimer reactions is in cancer cases. When cancer patients take 4 sachets every night and a high dose (16 sachets a day/twice a week at least), we observe pain or heat where the cancer is in most cases. If you use BN with cancer patients, it would be advisable to inform your client in advance.

BN can be taken during treatments, but there are specific guidelines to optimize the benefits of both the treatments and BN. The approach varies based on the treatments, medications, and individual conditions. If a person is currently undergoing treatments, we encourage you to get in touch with us or discuss the case during a practitioners' meeting with Dr. Kaye. We are here to provide the best possible support for your specific situation.

For cancer prevention, BN is excellent at helping. The dosage depends on how aggressive the cancer risk is. Please feel free to seek advice from us at


Here are some comments from Dr. Maria San Diego, MD (Dr. Kaye), regarding why BN helps cancer patients. Dr. San Diego has been using BN on cancer patients for over 30 years and has an excellent track record in their treatment with BN.


BN will remove the unwanted  and toxic oxygen free radicals produced by the body and help the cells repair and function again and that includes the immune system cells (Journal of Free Radical Biology and Medicine (4) 379-383;1991 , Okayama Univ. Medical School, Japan

BN also has been proven to increase the body’s production of gamma interferon Neurosciences 20:149-159,1994, Kyoto Pasteur Institute, Japan) and (Journal of Interferon Research 14s. 1:s179;1994 and presented at the 1994 ISICR Annual Meeting on the Interferon System, Budapest, Hungary, 2-7 Oct 1994)and from this, BN has shown to boost or elevate the production of NKcells in the body (Clinical Report 27(11): 47-48;1993, Ehime University School of Medicine, Japan)

Here are some research papers available on oncology.

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