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Hypercholesterolemia/ High cholesterol


I have a couple of customers who have been suffering from high cholesterol which is because their bodies reabsorb cholesterol and not eliminating it. They seem to have a family history, relating to it. Do you think that BN would be helpful for them too? If so, how BN helps the conditions?

Dr Kaye:

As for the case of hypercholesterolemia, definitely BN can help, it is caused by the liver not being able to convert the fats to energy instead, they get oxidized and be converted into bad cholesterol that eventually injured the vessel walls. BN has been proven to repair the liver. since the liver is one of the organs that consumes the most number of molecules of oxygen, it is the organ being hit by oxygen free radicals the most, the patient will definitely benefit from taking BN. 2 sachets a day will help. The medications being given to lower down cholesterol levels are liver toxic, this is also why patients were asked to have their spot tested every 3months because the statins destroys the liver, as they lower down cholesterol, BN repairs the liver so it can convert fats to energy and remove the unwanted oxygen free radicals that oxidizes them and help remove the fats that clog the vessels.