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93 yrs F with psoriasis (A list of medications, Quinine)



I would like to consult our customer who is 93 years old lady. She has been suffering from psoriasis and her level of itchiness is high at the moment and she feels itchy in her eyes, ears, hair, face, neck, under her breast and back.. in simple terms everywhere.

Her grandson sent me some pictures of her skin which did not show typical psoriasis patches at all. It looks smooth skin. Only one big patch is on her back over her left shoulder.. but it looks more eczema to me rather than psoriasis. Whichever it is, I understand that BN could help her condition.


Here is the medications she takes.

Clopidogrel 75mg one in the morning

Felodipine MR 5mg one in the morning

Atorvastatin 10mg one at night

Quinine Sulfate 200mg one at night (She takes this medication for night cramps) 


When I found out that she has been taking Quinine Sulfate 200mg, I thought that her kidney had not been well because of the medication and that is the reason that she feels itchy her whole body? Am I thinking too much? Her skin did not really show any problems apart from her back over her one shoulder. 


We do not use Quinine Sulfate in Japan as there seems to have many strong side effects. 

I am not very familiar with this medication.. so just make sure to ask.. is it ok to take BN with Quinine Sulfate? If she has any side effects from her medications, BN could help the conditions too. Is that correct?


Dr Kaye:

I understand your worries. It happened to me too before. Having patients taking a lot of medications and worrying if BN will help them. It is safe to give BN in any cases because BN is basically food. But my question is, is there really a need for this 93 years old patient to be taking quinine? This medicine is for malaria, does she have it or is it because they believe that it can protect her from CoVid19? Because if the latter is the case, she has to stop taking them. Considering her age and the many side effects of quinine. 

Anyways, don’t be afraid to give her BN because it is now that she needs it most. The toxic effects of her medicines will be neutralized by BN. She will get the benefit from taking her medications and rid her body off of the unwanted free radicals produced. 


Besides psoriasis is one case BN will never let you down. We have a 100% improved cases of psoriasis. 

I hope this helps.