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Sever acne

What is the mechanism behind BN's effectiveness in treating acne?

Dr Kaye's opinion:

Acne, is definitely  a product of oxygen free radical overload which eventually leads to excessive lipid peroxidation or the oxidation of the sebum which makes a favorable  environment for Propionibacterium acne  and acne vulgaris to grow. They will eventually decrease  the skin’s immune defence causing acne to proliferate. How can BN help? simple, by removing the unwanted free radicals eventually decreasing  the rate of lipid peroxidation making an unfavorvle environment for the microorganisms to multiple plus the boosting of the immune system in aiding in the killing of the bacteria. This is the reason why in acne, we advise patients to use topical and oral routes for BN. 1-2 sachets a day and a 1:1000 dilution of BN sprayed over the face and air drying it.

Case study

GT, 25 years old female, call center agent had suffered from severe acne on her face and back. She consulted a dermatologist who advised her to have regular anti acne facials and was prescribed topical anti acne cream and oral antibiotics but to no avail. Consulted at Above Aesthetics Center for acne treatment. Anti Acne facials were done and given 1 sachet BN for 2 weeks while the empty sachets were filled with sterile water and applied to the face in the morning and in the evening. All other medications were stopped. She regained her smooth face after a month.

 - From Dr Radi Apostol's case