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Own Your Health Podcast by Ana Silva

Published on 18th August 2021

-Talking about Chronic fatigue with Dr Miriam Mikicki

Ana Silva, Functional Nutrition Coach started the podcast called Own Your Health. She has the mission of spreading information about Functional Medicine in order to improve people’s quality of life and number of healthy years. She interviews medical doctors and Functional Nutrition Coaches to discuss about trending health topics to help maintain health in a natural way.  Ana also talks and discusses about the importance of gut health.

Access to Own Your Health

In the Series 1 Episode 3, Ana and Dr Miriam discussed about Chronic fatigue and what things you can start doing today to start feeling better. Dr Miriam also talked about a successful case study with Long Covid by using Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme (Bio Normalizer)! It is at 40:42. Please do not miss out!

Access to Series 1 Episode 3

- Many underlying causes of chronic fatigue (03:35)

- Long Covid as a more recent cause of chronic fatigue (06:20)

- Chronic fatigue & other symptoms that come along with it (10:32)

- Gut dysbiosis & depression

- My personal experience with symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, white hair, hair loss, weight gain & more (14:56)

- How Dr. Mikicki would approach a patient complaining about chronic fatigue (16:12)

- The frustration from having your doctor not listening to you and simply looking at your blood tests (16:38)

- The ideal TSH levels (18:37)

- Many thyroid dysfunctions may be coming from gut dysfunction, among others (20:45)

- Working with a health coach to follow a sustainable plan of action for a better health (27:09)

- Story of a real patient's case with chronic fatigue - super interesting! (30:02)

- Story of a real patient's case with Long Covid - also very interesting! (40:42)

- How quickly patients feel improvements after the first consultation (47:45)

- Functional Medicine practitioners come prepared to the first appointment! (49:47)

- Tips for those who think they have chronic fatigue (51:13)

- How Dr. Mikicki sees patients online from different countries (57:10)

More episodes are available on her podcast. Please listen to them!


Ana’s Instagram: @numehealth

To book an appointment with Dr. Miriam Mikicki, please go to

Dr Miriam’s Instagram: @mikickimedical