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The Safety and Quality Control of BN

Bio-Normalizer (Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme) was developed by Academician James Akira Osato, Ph.D. in 1969. It is made from tropical plants such as papaya and fermented and matured by modern biotechnological process. No chemical processes such as purification or extraction are conducted. No activation agents or additives are added. It is a highly natural nutraceutical; a food or plant-derived product that is safe and nontoxic. A functional food product with scientifically proven ingredients to maintain health and prevent disease.

Acute toxicity testing

Himedaka fish were allowed to swim in 0.1 % solution (1 liter of water mixed with 1 gram of Bio-Normalizer). This test exhibited zero death rate after a lapse of 96 hours.

(lethal dose 50%)

LD50 is a dose of chemical which kills 50% of an animal sample population. The LD50 of Bio-Normalizer administered orally is 34.135±1.377 grams per kilogram of body weight. Approxi- mately 1,707 grams for person with 50 kg body weight. (Reference: LD50 of salt is about 500 grams, LD50 of soy sauce is about 1,000 cc for person weighing 50 kg.)

Quantitative analysis of heavy metals and harmful compounds

The result of chemical analysis revealed undetectable amount of toxic heavy metals and harmful compounds.

Serological test for healthy human Long range intake of Bio-Normalizer

showed no significant changes in the liver functions (SGOT, SGPT) indicating that Bio-Normalizer does no harm to the liver of healthy people.