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Japanese natural remedy for over 30 years

Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme is known as Bio Normalizer. This natural food supplement was invented by Dr Akira Osato in 1969 in Japan with his wish for people to be free of illness, to be healthy and to fully accentuate life potential.  Through his vision and working with scientific researchers and humanitarian missions, he had been privileged to receive global recognitions.


More importantly, people have been reaping the benefits from taking Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme.


I have had a chest, lung and shortness of breathe problem for over three years. I have an annual medical examination with a respiratory nurse to monitor my oxygen levels.

Since taking Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme/ Bio Normaliser my respiratory problems have eased, when my cough becomes more severe I take extra dosage of Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme and my health condition improves very quickly. My cough disappears, my oxygen levels are more than satisfactory.

I highly recommend Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme therapy for good health - both inside the body and outside on the skin, as my psoriasis has also improved.


I took Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme for 1 month. How I took the enzyme was that I took 1 sachet 30 mins before running in the morning and 2 sachets just before going to bed, so it was 3 sachets in total a day. I slept better during the night and felt well when I woke up in the morning since I started taking it. I was also wishing to loose some weight but unfortunately I did not see difference on my weight. I run regularly and I feel less tired in terms of my recovery from my running. Besides, my constipation had gone. 
I would definitely recommend it to those who do regular excise, people who have constipation and feel fatigue in the morning. I would continue taking Fermeted Green Papaya Enzyne for my health.


I have been taking Bio (Bio Normalizer, Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme) for around 2 years. When I feel unwell, I take more, so I adjust the amount I take, depending upon my conditions.

Thankfully, I have been well without any serious health concerns so far.

When I feel that I may have a cold, I take 2 or 3 sachets at bed time and then my body feels lighter the next morning without any fever. Bio Normalizer has been a great support for my health.

My dear dog, Becky is 14 years old. She has been suffering from a heart condition since 2017. She has been taking a medication for that. Becky also takes Bio, I have recently increased the amount of Bio Normalizer she takes from 1 g to 3 g per day. Amazingly, her appetite got much better similar to when she was younger and she gained weight again. She has been well. Next month(Nov 2020), she will be 15 years old. I am hoping that I can spend time with her as long as she can.


I have been taking Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme on a daily basis for the last few months to help boost my immune system. I have a recurring skin condition, which normally takes around 3 weeks to clear up after the initial start of the condition. My partner suggested that I should spray Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme  with water directly onto the skin area affected. Interestingly, I noticed that the condition improved significantly faster when spraying the area on a daily basis.


My constipation caused me a great deal of discomfort in my day to day life. I have felt a significant improvement since I started taking Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme. Thank you very much!


I took the powder when I had cold and it made fast recovery. Also put them as a paste to sore gum and it got calmed after. 


My grandmother's sister has been taking Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme for over 20 years. Her skin condition is just great without major winkles, although she is in late 80's. Furthermore, she has not had flu or cold for long time. She told me that this enzyme was her secret!


Bio Normalizer papaya enzymes are by far the most effective supplement I’ve ever taken! It has soothed my stomach troubles and I have seen vast improvements with my skin. My hormonal breakouts have ceased and my face seems less dull. I have been taking 2 satchets a day and I would say within a week began to see results. I had SIBO and even though I have healed my stomach does get triggered with certain foods but after taking the bionormalizer enzymes I haven’t had any issues with any foods!

Lilly Drury

Psoriasis has been with me for more than 16 years now. I inherited this disease from my father and I have spread the spots all over my body, but rather in pin size. It is worst on the scalp, where it is associated with high itching. There are also many spots around the chest.
Unfortunately it gets worse every year and there are many spots. I have tried and tested a lot, nothing helps in the long run.

For 2 months now I have been taking the Fermented Green Papaya Enzymes and I am simply thrilled. Already after 3 days I could observe that the psoriasis changed. It was very exciting to see and also the itching became less daily. In general, the points have been white and bright since the ingestion, so very calm.
As of now I can't imagine not taking the enzymes any more, because I couldn't see an improvement with any other therapy. I can recommend the Papaya Enzymes to anyone who has psoriasis (or any other skin condition) and my sleep is better, I sleep better and wake up fit. This is something I did not expect at first and I am very positively surprised. In summary, I can really say that I am totally happy and I hope that it will stay that way.


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