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Energy level and Period pain

  1. Did you follow the instructions strictly? YES
  2. Did you feel any of the conditions below after you started your trial?

-Your body felt lighter in the morning YES

-More energetic or motivated in the morning YES

-Noticed improvements in your bowel movements NO

-Slept better YES

-Woke up easier in the morning YES

  1. Did you notice any other things since you started your trial? YES

-If yes, what other things did you notice?

My period felt less painful. My headache went away and I felt less tired.

  1. Did you like the taste of Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme? YES
  2. Would you like to continue taking Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme? YES


I think that this is very good for people that they need a boost in energy. It helped my overall immune system.


-M.M. ( Jan 2020 )